Fractals – Piano Improv in A Minor

Please watch: “Ethereum Fork Tomorrow / Testnet Failure and Reset / R3 Banks Drop Blockchain Plans / Bitcoin Price!”


What are Fractals?

A video of me “Fractalling-Out” a bit, as these, I like to refer to these improvisations as, on my Casio Privia 330X Keyboard tonight. Just felt inspired and wanted to share some tones, moods, and riffs with you 🙂

To my misfortune my Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera won’t record in 4K for longer than 5 minutes, so that’s why this ends abruptly.

I’ll either to try to keep these kinds of improvisations shorter in the future, or record in 1080p (but then we can’t enjoy em on our fancy new displays! Space!!)

This progression was inspired by Britney Spear’s “Hold it Against Me”.

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